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Nimnul gets mad at his nephew Normie

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Title reference: Play on the movie title, My Science Project.

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The Rescue Rangers

Normie Nimnul

Professor Nimnul


Pencil Elevator


Gadget: "Once I found a perpetual motion machine just lying in a trash can. Of course by then it had stopped moving."

Gadget: "Golly an electrical cheese tester! Did you know that Mozzarella conducts electricity twice as well as provolone?"

Normie: "My uncle made it for me, he's an unappreciated genius. He told me so himself!"

Professor Nimnul: "Here it is, "Music to Devastate the Globe By," in stereo!"

Professor Nimnul: "These are delicate instruments of destruction. If you don't know how to use them you could hurt somebody!"