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The Nautillus is a highly stylized submarine. Anyone familiar with the Walt Disney Studio's movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or the now-departed Disney Land or Disney World rides of the same would be able to instantly identify the submarines as near perfect matches, excepting that the Nautillus in "A Creep in the Deep" has added features in the form of seashell based wheels for land based missions.

Development and Fabrication

No canon sources are given for the design, construction, and fabrication of the Nautillus. Its use prior to being first seen by the Rescue Rangers is explained by Captain Finn however. Looking for a way to have his vengeance on the Land Walkers Finn discovered the submarine, which he said was practically new, and crewed it.


Captain Finn took command of the Nautillus and then began to use the machine in his terrorist attacks on the Land Walkers (that being humans and other land based animals which consume fish as food). He was very successful in these missions until he encountered Nemo and the Rescue Rangers. The later eventually caused the termination of these plans when in the course of their escape from inside the Nautillus the caused All Hands' the Octopus to tip bubble solution into the shipboard organ. This created an air bubble mattress around the Nautillus which supposedly carried it out to the dessert where it very well may of become stranded, par-boiling its master and crew alike in the unforgiving sun.


The Nautillus makes one appearance in the series, that being in the episode "A Creep in the Deep".

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

  • The ship remains un-named through the course of the entire episode of "A Creep in the Deep", so the fact that it is even Nautillus to begin with is a product of fanon.
  • The Nautillus shares the fate of the seacreatures which manned her, that being that she has made practically no appearances in fanon.

Kefluffles and Flummoxes

  • The Nautillus is almost verbatim the ship which appeared in the Walt Disney incarnations of Jules Verne's book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". The characters in "A Creep in the Deep" dance around this fact constantly in the episode, making it infuriating that the ship is never called by that name.
  • The Nautillus is capable of operating as a fully operational submarine, diving, surfacing, motoring above and under the surface, and operating the shipboard organ...all while being filled with sea water!