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== Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions ==
== Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions ==
[[Category:One-shot characters]]
[[Category:One-shot characters]]

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Mr. Dumpty is an incidental character, appearing in the episode Three Men and a Booby. He's an egg collector.

Canonical Information


Mr. Dumpty is a small man with pale, almost gray skin, an egg-shaped head on an egg-shaped body with a small tuft of dark hair on top. He wears a red coat.


Mr. Dumpty is an impatient man, always eager to complete his collection of eggs. He's very paranoid and "employs" a pair of hawks to take care of anything that might endanger his eggs.

He is literally obsessed with eggs, and as such most of his life revolves around them. His house, his furniture, even his helicopter are egg-shaped in one way or another. He appears to even live on a diet of mostly eggs and it seems that he simply can't get enough of them. His most treasured possessions are "live" eggs, presumably one from every bird in existance.

Though he is a member of an association of egg-collectors, his butler Nog revealed that Mr. Dumpty has no real friends, a fact which he himself seems blissfully ignorant of. Apparently, his only familiars are Nog and his pet hawks.

Episode and Role

Mr. Dumpty appeared in the episode Three Men and a Booby, where he tried to complete his collection of eggs by kidnapping Mrs. Booby's egg. During her search for her baby she met the Rescue Rangers and together they tracked down the egg to Mr. Dumpty's mansion.

During the episode, Mr. Dumpty tried everything to complete his collection, not only by stealing Mrs. Booby's egg but also, when the Rangers managed to escape with the egg, by imprisoning Mrs. Booby, wanting her to lay another egg for him.

By the and of the episode, he not only lost the booby-egg but his whole collection when Chip with the help of Zipper caused all eggs to hatch.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions