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Monterey Jack is one of the five core members of the Rescue Rangers, alongside Chip, Dale, Gadget Hackwrench and Zipper. He is the son of Cheddarhead Charlie and Camembert Kate. His name is often reduced to his nickname, Monty.

Canonical Information


Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a rotund mouse with a red moustache and green eyes. His eyes are drawn in the typical Disney "crazy personality" style, i.e. with large irises and small pupils. He stands taller than the other Rangers by about a head, and, according to the official modelsheet lineup, is as tall as Fat Cat's lackeys Mole, Wart, and Snout. However, in the series, his height seemed to fluctuate according to the whims of the story and/or the animators, so it's difficult to describe his exact height. He normally sports a tan jacket, turquoise sweatshirt, and a purple and brown flight cap with blue lenses. He has been known to dress in a tailor-made tuxedo, as well as various swimming suits and workout outfits (in fact, his workout suit contains a "hidden Mickey").


Monterey Jack is a globe-hopping, adventurous Australian muscle-mouse whose sole purpose in life before he met the Rangers was to find that perfect piece of cheese. He is also fond of the frequent brawl, especially ones in which he is hopelessly outnumbered, and his "act first, ask questions later" attitude has gotten him into (and out of) a lot of scrapes. This has many times gotten him in trouble with Chip, who prefers to think things through and form plans before jumping into a situation. Monty's bullheadedness, however, is more than made up for with his spirit, and when it comes to defeating the bad guys, you can't get a hero with more gusto than Monterey Jack.

Monterey's travels have taken him all over the globe, and he has a story to tell about nearly every occasion. Sometimes his accounts are truthful, but mostly they seem over-exaggerated to play up his heroics in the face of danger. "This reminds me of the time I picked a fight with a muskrat from Mozambique. There I was, singlehandedly steering a sailing vessel, with just the wind at me back, when suddenly. . ." (Un)Fortunately, he never gets to finish these stories, as something always interrupts him. This tendency to over-exaggerate, however, has gotten him into trouble more than once. In the episode "When You Fish Upon a Star", he regales the team with exploits of his adventures on "Dog Island." Later on the team actually chances to visit said island, only to find that none of Monty's tales were true. (It turns out that, due to a scheme by Fat Cat, they were on the wrong island entirely, but one might think they would've been more cautious had Monty not assured them of the friendly nature of the inhabitants.) Also, in "When Mice Were Men", Monterey accidentally saved a small village from the wrath of a raging bull when the bull slipped on a piece of cheese he had at the time. The townsfolk were so grateful that soon the tale of his victory over the bull had turned into a heroic tale of nerves of steel and quick bravery in the face of danger, and Monterey never did anything to correct this version of the tale, until the bull returned and the townsfolk called upon "El Monty Grande" to save them again.

A typical pose of Monterey might show him rolling up his sleeves in anger, stomping off to do battle with nearly any foe. However, when confronted with his one weakness, cheese, he has what is known as a "cheese attack." First, his moustache sticks straight out to the side and gets all frizzy. Next, his irises begin fluctuating in yellow and green concentric circles. Then, he utters a guttural "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. . ." Finally, he pursues and devours his target, paying no heed to anything else going on around him. Sometimes he is portrayed as floating in the air, held aloft by the delicate aroma of the dairy product. At other times, he barrels toward the cheese at super speed, bashing through and barriers (or other characters) that may be between him and the object of his desire. When he finally reaches the piece of cheese, he normally devours it in one gulp, then sits back with a satisfied expression on his face. Slowly he begins to return to reality, at which point he normally realizes that his antics have endangered the team somehow.

Monty sometimes has a serious problem with greed, much more so than any of the other Rangers, including Dale. For example, in "A Lad in a Lamp," he stumbles upon a magic lamp, and predictably, wishes for cheese. As the entire Ranger tree swells with the stuff, he is in mouse heaven, but later rudely keeps the other Rangers from using the lamp until he's done with it. This causes the other Rangers to walk out on him, leaving him to ponder whether the cheese was worth the loss of his friends. Most of the time his greed involves cheese, but occasionally he can be after gold or other precious metals. In the episode "Chipwrecked Shipmunks" he and Dale stumble upon the treasure of the Pi-Rats and they spend most of the episode plotting and scheming how they can get the booty home without tipping off the other Rangers to its existence. Also, in "Piratsy Under the Seas," he tries to abscond with some pirate booty located in a sunken ship, until a stern look from Chip convinces him otherwise. However, his greedy nature always backfires, and he ends up learning his lesson.

A tendency to be fearless characterizes Monty most of the time, with a few exceptions. His biggest fear is cats. A full-grown cat will make Monty turn white with fear, and even abandon his friends in the face of danger, as shown by the events in the episode "Puffed Rangers." The team had just entered the infamous "Cat Street" in Hong Kong, but before they knew it Monty had turned tail and run, leaving the rest of the Rangers to deal with the feline denizens stalking the shadows around them. However, he eventually wised up with some help from Zipper and a dog bartender, and went back to face the cats and save his friends. Interestingly, Monty does not fear Fat Cat, instead holding a personal grudge after Fat Cat destroyed his traveling home, accidentally but without remorse.

Also, Monty has an innate fear of anything Gadget has recently built. This fear is actually shared by many, especially Chip, and for good reason, as many of Gadget's inventions seem to malfunction at inconvenient times, and Monty is nearly always the one who gets the brush with near-death when something flies off, falls apart, or explodes. However, he never gets mad, and when Gadget invents something that has been proven to actually work, he gets into the spirit of things and is liable to take over the controls.

A lot of Monty's raucous personality can be attributed to his parents, Cheddarhead Charlie and Camembert Kate.


Monty usually serves as the muscle of the team, being the biggest and strongest of the Rangers. He's also an experienced adventurer and a great cook (even though almost all of his meals include cheese)


Monterey Jack appeared in all episodes of the original TV show except To The Rescue Part 1 as he was introduced in Part 2.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

As Monterey had a lot of screen time on the TV show devoted to his personality and backstory, many fanfic authors haven't felt the need to add on to his story. Consequently, there are very few accepted "fanon" facts about the Australian mouse. However, one aspect of him that seems to be emphasized more than most in fanfics is his experience, especially as a father figure to Gadget. He often acts as a sage, dispensing useful advice to the others, especially Gadget, which is a role he rarely filled in the series. In addition, more than one author has had him involved in various wars as a soldier or spy, including John Nowak in his story Under The Bridge and Indy & Chris Silva in The Spy Who Loved Monty.

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