Mind Your Cheese and Q's

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The Rangers disguised as the "big boys from uptown"

Writing Credits: Michael Price Nelson and Burt Brown

First Aired: February 6, 1990

Title reference: Play on the adage mind your P's and Q's, meaning to observe proper etiquette.

Episode Number: 49

Season: 3

Production Number: CDRR 1236


A cheese attack leads Monty to abandon the other rangers as they are attempting to rescue Gadget from a kite. Monty vows to eat no more cheese if Gadget is ok, which she is. The other rangers then attempt to help Monty avoid cheese, but he seeks it out. Monty then finds that there is a a cheese shortage across town. He then discovers that Rat Capone has caused the cheese shortage and is doling it out to other rodents only for gold. The Rangers track the crooks to a diary, where they find that the cows can never seem to produce their quota of milk. Monty's cheese attack leads him to where Rat Capone is making cheese, and gets himself captured. The other Rangers rescue him and devise a plan to stop Capone. This plan involves pretending to be rival gang members (Scarface Dillinger (Chip) and Bubbles and Clyde (Gadget & Dale)) and bringing Capone out to their trap. Their plan is foiled and the Rangers are captured and (except for Gadget) flushed down the sewer. Chip and Dale help Monty recover his cheese sense, and he then leads them all to Capone's hideout. Monty then overcomes his cheese attack to rescue Gadget and defeat Capone's gang.


The Rescue Rangers

Rat Capone

Arnold Mousenegger

Sugar Ray Lizard



(none created by Gadget or the bad guys)


Monty: One whiff of cheese and I become a Muenster. Uh, monster.

Rat Capone: (to Gadget) I'll give you gold to buy anything you want. You'll be a shopping moll.

Monty: Everybody knows that the best tasting cheese is Brie '86.


  • Mousenegger's main gag is to repeat what Capone or Sugar Ray say in simpler terms