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[[Category:Original characters|Cedar Marion]]
[[Category:Original characters|Cedar Marion]]
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Marion Cedar

Marion Cedar is a fictional character created by Loneheart for his fan fiction Gadget in Chains.


Marion Cedar is a neat and tidy chipmunk woman. She is middle aged and slightly overweight. She is always depicted as wearing a senior prison officer's uniform.


Marion Cedar is a kind, conscientious, organized person. She has a favourite clipboard and pencil. She is best friends with Warden Gertrude Phelps and is at odds with Margo Haggs.


Marion Cedar was the Deputy Warden of Shrankshaw Prison. She intercedes several times on behalf of Gadget Hackwrench when Gadget was imprisoned after a case of mistaken identity. During this time Marion Cedar believed Gadget to be either a pathological liar or delusional.


Gadget in Chains by Loneheart

The Cast of Gadget in Chains take the Mary Sue Litmus Test by Loneheart