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Margo Haggs is a fictional character created by Loneheart for his fan fiction Gadget in Chains.


Margo Haggs is a large, muscular female rat with white fur. She is missing a part of one ear where she removed a laboratory tattoo and is generally regarded as rather ugly. She wears the uniform of a senior prison officer with a peaked cap. It is implied she is particularly neat and tidy about her appearance.


Raised in a human laboratory as an experimental subject, Margo Haggs was orphaned at an early age. She mentally divided the world into those on the inside of cages and those on the outside, who could do what they wanted. She is a bully and uses violence when convenient to her. She presents a very different face to her superiors, who she regards with contempt, making every attempt to convince them that she is an efficient and honest officer.


Margo Haggs was a senior prison officer at Shrankshaw Prison who bullied Gadget Hackwrench and Bubbles McGee when Gadget was sent to prison in a case of mistaken identity. When Margo Haggs eventually discovered the mistake she tried kill Gadget but failed.

Appeared In

Gadget in Chains by Loneheart

The Cast of Gadget in Chains Take the Mary Sue Litmus Test by Loneheart

Various Golden Acorn Award ceremonies