Love Is A Many Splintered Thing

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Gadget, Monty, and Desiree look over the side of the Ranger Wing

Writing Credits: Len Uhley

First Aired: November 1, 1989

Title reference: Play on the song title, "Love is a Many Splendored Thing."

Episode Number: 43

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1230


The Rangers foil a rodent gang attempting to steal furniture. Once they get rid of the gang members, Monty is suddenly overcome by an attack, but not a cheese attack. Gadget believes the scent that caused it is some sort of perfume. Monty mopes around HQ until revealing (via flashback) that he once fell in love with a mouse in Paris, Désirée D'Allure. On their wedding day, Monty gave in to a cheese attack. When he came around, Désirée had disappeared, leaving Monty heartbroken. Désirée then shows up at Ranger HQ, claiming she was part of Erol's gang, but that she had a change of heart when she saw Monty. She quit the gang but is afraid of Erol coming for revenge at her leaving. Chip doesn't hide his suspicions of her story, but Monty takes up for her fully. Désirée agrees to help the Rangers trap the rest of the gang to prove she is legitimate. However, she later teams up again with Erol and his gang on friendly terms. When it comes time to catch the gang, Désirée leads the Rangers to a particular store. Two of the gang surrender, but when the Ranger Wing lands, Erol pours hot tar on it and Désirée has sabotaged it. Désirée then distracts Monty while the gang escapes. Chip and Monty have an argument over the incident, ending with Monty quitting the Rangers and leaving with Désirée. Monty regrets this later, but Désirée convinces him to capture Erol by himself. She leads him to the art museum where Monty proceeds to break in. In doing so, he clears the way for Erol's gang to sneak in and steal. The gang takes Monty back to their hideout in the lumber mill and ties Monty to a log going toward a saw. The other Rangers, meanwhile, have figured out they need to find the lumber mill for clues. They are captured as well. The gang leaves (after revealing their plan). Though Monty has given up in despair and resigns himself to his fate, Chip puts himself and the other rangers in the path of the saw as well. This inspires Monty to break free and rescue them. The Rangers then race to the airport to catch the crooks. Though they chase them through the airport, they do not catch Désirée. However, Monty and zipper are able to change the label on her crate from Tahiti to northern Canada.


The Rescue Rangers

Désirée D'Allure


Erol's Gang


Ranger Wing



Chip: (to Monty) Your favorite, Jack cheese.

Monty: No thanks, mates. I'm not real hungry.

All besides Monty: GASP!

Dale: Yeah, you never know when opportunity will knock. (Désirée knocks on door) See?

Chip: Come on, guys, brighten up. Where's the old Ranger spirit?

Dale: You're a detective, you figure it out.


  • Muscles from Errol's gang appears to be styled after Sylvester Stallone's Rocky character