Living the Dream

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Writing credits: Indy & Chris Silva

Written: 2000

First released: December 4th, 2000

Title reference: reference to the name of the last chapter of the previous story as well as the whole 'dreams coming true' concept

Continuity: Second story in The Untold Ranger Tales series, preceded by Daring to Dream and followed by Dreams At The Crossroads

Length: 73,561 words (the complete work); 11 chapters

Rating: Dr. Indy rates this story High PG "for suggestive content and intense situations." [1]


This story takes place approximately one month after events depicted in Daring to Dream and all the heroes learn to live and cope with the new conditions. It's time for decisions and turmoil for everyone, and especially Chip, who still has to find a way to live through Dale's and Gadget's love confession. And the upcoming prom event in his old school is going to bring back not only embarassing memories, but some painful revelations as well...

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers




Mrs. Squirrel as Donna Chesnutt (mentioned)

Geegaw Hackwrench (mentioned)

Professor Norton Nimnul

Kirby & Muldoon

Sergeant Spinelli

Canonical (The Rescuers)




Dr. Batorious



Rob Roybrush

Mrs. Hattie Spelling

Queen Justina

Sarah Hackwrench (mentioned)


The Ranger Wing

The Ranger Plane

Gadget's Plunger Shoes

Chip's Hang Glider

Nimnul's Giant Mechanical Spider

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