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'Lawhinie' is a mouse who lives in Hawaii; she has a strong physical resemblance to Gadget, and tried to use this to her advantage, getting Gadget to do some tests in her place.

Canonical Information


Lawhinie is a female mouse. Aside from her clothes, she is virtually indistinguishable from Gadget.

She tends to wear a flower in her hair and make-up.


She is manipulative and somewhat ambitious; quite willing to put some rodents in deadly danger rather than lose her coveted chance at being Queen of the tribe she lives with.


Evil twin.


Lawhinie appeared in only one episode, Gadget Goes Hawaiian.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

Lawhinie is often assumed to be related to Gadget in some way; sister, half-sister, and in at least one case, fellow android. Generally, though, each seperate author has this discovery made in a different way.