Knights of Rescue

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Knights of Rescue is a short fan fiction story written by Charlie Price.

First Released: ( needed...)

Part of Series: The second story of the Rescue Rangers Historical Files series.

Length: ( needed...)

Rating: G


To relieve the overwhelming boredom of a rainy day, Gadget tells a story of one of the adventures of the famous Basil of Baker Street - the Great Mouse Detective.

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

Gadget Hackwrench



Monterey Jack

Canonical (Basil: The Great Mouse Detective)

Professor Ratigan

Basil of Baker Street

Dr. David Q. Dawson



Gouda Jack Kolby

Corkscrew Hackwrench

Mariel Hackwrench


Professor Ratigan's first name is given as "James" in the story, after the Lionhart's Gadget in Chains. His name is not given in the movie "Basil: The Great Mouse Detective" but the movie is based on a series of books by Eve Titus in which the Professor's first name is Padraic.