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'''''Kan Sune''''' is a main original character from [[Matt Plotecher|Matt Plotecher's]] [[Matt Plotecher#Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers|Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers]] universe.
'''''Kan Sune''''' is a main original character from [[Matt Plotecher#Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers|Matt Plotecher's Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers]] universe.
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[[Category:Original characters|Sune Kan]]
[[Category:Original characters|Sune Kan]]
[[Category:Mice|Sune Kan]]

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Kan Sune is a main original character from Matt Plotecher's Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers universe.


Kan Sune is a young female mouse. Her remarkably bright fur stands in a contrast to her long black hair, and her eyes are green. She is displayed in various clothing:

  • a white silk kimono with a red sash
  • a short-sleeve shirt combined with long, heavy pants and a rugged jacket which she only wears when it's getting really chilly up in the mountains


In the beginning of her first adventure with the Rescue Rangers, Kan appears to be quite flirtatious, yet always decent. In combination with her beauty, this makes her very hard to resist, especially for Dale, but not so much less for Chip who doesn't mind her calling him Chipper, and for Monterey Jack.

Being Japanese means being polite, and this applies to Kan, too. However, there is one exception, and that is An Tham Sun. She has known Tham and his goals for several years when she meets the Rangers for the first time. Their different points of view lead her to using a certain sarcasm towards him. Actually, Tham is the only one who can make her forget her countenance. Fortunately, things change in the course of her mission.

Kan combines an undeniable wisdom with martial arts skills, Tae-Kwan-Boot, to be more precise. These skills go as far as an ability to defeat multiple fighters with katanas while she herself is wearing a nightgown and carrying no weapon at all, in addition to what she is able to do when she is armed herself. Like Gadget Hackwrench, she shows a surprising physical strength.

Her knowledge about the region where she lives and especially the mountains make her an ideal guide for the Rangers on their quest.


Kan lives in a small city in Japan named Mihiushi which is located by a cliff and near Mount Ufoolu.

In Fly to the Light, Kan's primary task is to stop Tham's plans regarding the Furfoot clan. This explains her eagerness to help and guide the Rescue Rangers on their mission when she finds out that they will lead her to Tham when they're successful.

Appeared In

Fly to the Light by Matt Plotecher

Wedding Bells Will Chime; Death Knells Shall Clang by Matt Plotecher