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[[Mr. Josiah Pinkney]]
[[Mr. Josiah Pinkney]]
[[the Secret Society For Animal Protection and Fidelity]]

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Writing credits: Indy & Chris Silva

Written: 2001

First released: December 14th, 2001

Title reference: Reference to Donald Drake's uncovering of the Great Secret

Continuity: Sixth story in The Untold Ranger Tales series, preceded by Dreams Divided and followed by I'm Dreaming of a Rangery Christmas

Length: 23,019 words (the complete work); 12 chapters + prologue and epilogue

Rating: Dr. Indy rates this story PG "for some intense scenes and one suggestive scene." [1]


This part of the Untold Ranger Tales takes a brief detour from the primary plotline, but is still keeping with previous parts. Detective Donald Drake, now a private eye, is trying to answer a questions remained unanswered since the Klutchcoin ruby case. While doing so, he stumbles on the greatest secret in the world, which dramatically changes the life of anyone daring to approach it.

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers




Donald Drake


Professor Norton Nimnul

Aldrin Klordane

Kirby & Muldoon

Sergeant Spinelli


Canonical (The Rescuers)



Penny Little


Mr. Josiah Pinkney


the Secret Society For Animal Protection and Fidelity


The Ranger Wing

Nimnul's Deactivatorizer Mark II

External Links

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