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Iron Goose and the booby-trapped bouquet.

Iron Goose is a heavy metal rock band, featured in the episode Risky Beesness. During the episode, the band is briefly shown on a music video and in their dressing room.

The band

Iron Goose has four members:

  • a guitarist
  • a drummer
  • a keyboardist
  • a musician not seen with an instrument, probably the bassist

The presence of a keyboard player is justified by the not too uncommon use of synthesizers in the 1980s' metal music. He is the only band member with a canonical name, although it remains unclear whether the name is spelled Bert or Burt.

Appearance in Risky Beesness

Iron Goose, while preparing for a concert, are presented with a bouquet of flowers. While the band members query the source of said bouquet, a swarm of Irweena Allen's brainwashed bees emerges from the flowers. The Iron Goose members are quickly chased into a closet, where they are sealed in by the bees with honey. With Iron Goose illegally detained, Irweena successfully hijacks their show, much to the disappointment of many Iron Goose fans. At least one Iron Goose fan attempts to leave, in obvious disgust, only to be carried back to his seat by a swarm.

During their confinement, they seem remarkably calm, and one band member even comments on Irweena's music. Ultimately, the fate of Iron Goose is left unknown.


Dale playing air guitar to an Iron Goose video clip.

In contradiction to their heavy metal image, the Iron Goose band members seem very mild and well mannered, speaking in educated English accents.

Connection to the Rescue Rangers

Dale appears to be a fan of Iron Goose; he shows an obvious enthusiasm for their music at the start of Risky Beesness. At the beginning of the episode, Dale is seen watching an Iron Goose music video on the Rescue Ranger's television. While enjoying the music, he played air guitar and mimicked the sound of a guitar. Chip seemed perturbed by the music, as well as by Dale's behaviour.

Cultural References

Although this information is unconfirmed, Iron Goose is likely to be a parody of Iron Maiden, a real-world successful British heavy metal band with a similar name.

Iron Goose, preparing for their concert.