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Gunslinger Bink is a sort of a crossover round robin. It combines Rescue Rangers with elements taken from the anime series Gunslinger Girl. It was started as a more "serious" round robin by Arik at the end of June 2007. It is one of the more realistic and mature round robins on the Cafe. It is also currently one of the more popular round robins; as of this writing (July 21, 2007) the story stands at 31 pages and nearly 460 posts.


Tammy comes to the Rescue Rangers and the Acorn Cafe to seek help in finding her little sister, Bink, who was lost in Italy. After some digging, it is discovered that an Italian government agency, the Social Welfare Agency (SWA), has brainwashed Bink and given her cybernetic enhancements to turn her into a child super soldier. Further, Bink is not the only one: the SWA has done this to several little girls. A rescue party is sent out from the Cafe to find Bink and bring her back. Along the way, the party deals with the SWA, the terrorist faction known as the RF, and a traitorous US Navy admiral, all intent on seeing the rescue mission fail and the group members captured (or worse.) Most of the action in this story takes place in the Italian city of Milan, as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

Main Characters

  • Bink - the entire story revolves around the little squirrel who was captured by the SWA and brainwashed to become a child assassin. She is Tammy's little sister.
  • Tammy - It is Tammy's determination to get home (from Italy back to New York City) that starts the story. Once there, she seeks out the help of the Rescue Rangers (and the Cafe patrons.) She is willing to do anything to get her sister back.
  • Fernando - Fernando is the leader of the entire rescue operation and the pilot of the Boeing 737BBJ. He is willing to go to great lengths to do what is moral and right, and get Bink (and the other girls) back. He is very skilled and capable at Special Ops, and is a former intelligence agent of the CIA.
  • Jeanette Isabelle - Jeanette acts as Fernando's copilot. She is also present because of her medical training. During the mission, she poses as Fernando's wife as part of their cover story: posing as American tourists.
  • Midnight - Midnight is the pilot of one of the Learjets used in the mission. He also managed to "procure" some firearms, and get them past Italian security.
  • Sinclair - Sinclair is the pilot of the other Learjet used in the rescue mission.
  • Hondo I. Sackett - Hondo is described by Fernando as "being a loose cannon" on the mission. He is certainly very enthusiastic. Hondo is there to provide superior marksmanship for the rescue team, though Fernando keeps a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't go overboard.
  • CCC - CCC's Model AAA tripods prove useful in some aspects of the mission (such as downing an Italian jet fighter that was chasing Sinclair back to the Enterprise.) The artificial intelligence also provided crack computer hacking abilities from the Cafe.
  • Charles_Roberts - the leader of a team of CIA operatives, Charles provided assistance on the ground. He also gathered valuable intelligence on the SWA through his contacts in the CIA and the US Embassy in Rome.
  • RangerReady23 - Captain of the World War II era aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6), RangerReady provided some air support for the entire endeavor. He was also given a secret order...prevent the rescue from succeeding at all costs. Of course, being the moral person that he is, he doesn't follow that order...
  • Captain Eddie D. - Captain Eddie commands the battleship USS Texas (BB-72) in this story. He also acted as the Strike Warfare Commander for Texas's battlegroup. Due to the covert nature of the mission, he cannot really provide all that much help directly.. But when it looks like Italy would be torn apart by civil war, Eddie helped out by providing forceful presence and evacuating some mission members. Now, he is protecting Enterprise from any attempts to further sabotage their mission.
  • Captain Linda Hale - Captain Hale commands the Ticonderoga-class AGEIS cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG-56) in the story. The female fox also serves as the battleship battle group's Air Warfare (AW) commander. She can speak French fluently.
  • Admiral Ignacius Donnelly - A high-ranking admiral in the US Navy who is largely responsible for "Project Warriormaid" (The American equivalent to the SWA.) After the project (and his involvement in it) are discovered, Donnelly orders both the battleship USS Texas and the battleship USS North Carolina to intercept and destroy the Enterprise and all evidence of "Project Warriormaid."

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