Gorilla My Dreams

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Kookoo the gorilla steals jewels for Fat Cat

Writing Credits: Julia J. Roberts, Dev Ross

First Aired: May 1, 1990

Title reference: Fairly common play on the adage girl of my dreams.

Episode Number: 59

Season: 2

Production Number: 65


Fat Cat kidnaps the pet kitten of a trained rescue gorilla to force the gorilla to steal diamonds for him. While the Rangers rescue the kitten, Fat Cat kidnaps Dale and blackmails the gorilla with his life.


The Rescue Rangers

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen



Lady Klutchkoin


The monkey-yodeling device

Paper airplanes


Gadget: "Last stop: Cat Alley!"

Monty: "Did ya have to say 'last,' Gadget?"

Chip: "You woke me up because of a stupid comic book?"

Dale: "It's not a stupid comic book! It's a Kablammo Man comic book!"

Guest: "What a gem Mr. Klutchkoin is! By the way, where is he?"

Miss Klutchkoin: "Still writing zeroes on the check. Been at it three weeks, poor dear."

Harvey's wife: "Get this place cleaned up, Harvey! My mother will be here any minute!" (Kookoo climbs over the window, scaling the side of the building)

Harvey: "Too late. She's already here."


Kookoo and Boots are based on the gorilla Koko who had been taught to communicate with humans via sign language, as Kookoo has been taught to actually speak, and her cats, especially a kitten Koko herself named All Ball.

The scene in which Kookoo climbs up the skyscraper is a parody on the several King Kong movies.

This episode shares its title with an episode of the Donkey Kong segment of the 1984 Saturday morning cartoon Saturday Supercade. However, the first known use is the Bugs Bunny cartoon of the same name.