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Isajii Paltiel and Kandesu "Kandei-chan" Daughter-of-Fur-and-Daughter-of-Claw are the self-aware, self-insertion avatars of Paltiel and Candy Goldstein. They are both fully aware that they are the projections of their authors' self-images and desired states. Isajii is essentially a living star and Kandei is an organic furry, but after a stint in a merging device, they are able to merge at will into the even more ridiculously overpowered Doushi Nefesh.

Like their authors, Isajii and Kandei are happily married.

The little Anterran

Isajii was the prodigy and planned successor of the dictator of Isajii's race, the Anterrans. Emotionally stilted and sometimes inappropriately cheerful, but with a strong sense of right and wrong, Isajii rebelled and was exiled to a Rangerverse. After a healthy dose of violence and the Rangers' accidental transportation into Isajii's universe of Otherworld, Isajii left the Rangers so that they would not be endangered. Later, when ordered to stop interfering with the Rescue Rangers' continuum by the legal authority over all author avatars, Isajii replied that he had already left there. This eventually caused trouble.

The Furred

The Furred are an anthropomorphic animal race which mutate freely between "species"- that is, any Furred may be born as any type of animal. (In practical terms, this allows Candy and Paltiel's future children to choose their own fursonas and write themselves in, if they wish.)

The Furred were until recently ruled over by the Parent of Fur and Claw, a bearlike organism consisting of two identities, the Mother of Fur and the Father of Claw. The Parent usually manifested as two separate heads, occasionally merging into one when it wanted to present a united front. It could never merge perfectly, however, and spoke with two voices at once even when merged. The Parent's gender when merged is Spivak, in contrast to Doushi Nefesh, which merges perfectly into a neuter "it."

The Parent kept most Furred in a state of physical and emotional immaturity. For specific tasks requiring more adult minds, the Parent allowed "high Furred," physically mature but still damaged individuals. Kandei was a high Furred whose job it was to steal and re-implement technology. The Parent erself could use magic, but Furred have high natural magic resistance, suggesting that either the Parent is not a native life form or the Furred have built up resistance to magic through generations of magical torture. For this reason, the Parent prefers technology over magic in most situations, and implanted all of er Furred with a chemical "leash" which injected a controllable dose of particularly painful poison on command. The leash could be used to punish or kill, and was particularly feared since it was not very stable.

The "abridged story of us"

Isajii and Kandei meet in Otherworld. Isajii develops emotionally and rescues Kandei from the Parent of Fur and Claw, and the Anterrans get a new ruler. This untitled story is based on the true events of Paltiel and Candy's early years together.

Avatar Hunters

The power of self-insertions to influence established characters and perform amazing feats that do not match the tone of the world they live in is well established. The avatars in power decided that this presented a bad image, and outlawed interference on others' universes without permission. Unfortunately, almost every self-insertion inserts himself somewhere, and the problem is so rampant that the ruling Avatar Panel hires bounty hunters to retrieve or kill offenders. Kandei-chan becomes one such bounty hunter.

Sometimes avatars who have not severely damaged their host dimensions can be ripped out of them. The Avatar Panel retrieved Jacob Colby, a neurotic mouse avatar, this way before he could make his romantic contact with an original character, who happened to be Gadget Hackwrench. Seeing that Jacob shared authors with Kandei-chan, who was a star hunter, the Panel went against its own better judgement and impressed him into her service as a hunter rather than destroy him. Being from two very different stages of their author's emotional development, Kandei and Jacob hate each other.

All avatars have special powers and are invulnerable if they are currently in a universe of their own making. Kandei's status as a welcome guest in Isajii's universe is extremely rare and makes her especially strong. Every avatar has a specialty: Candylion the child avatar can alter reality as he imagines it, Isajii can destroy very efficiently, Kandei can control the minds of established characters, and Jacob can make established characters stupid and ineffective in an out-of-character fashion.

Kandei's relationship with the Avatar Panel is strained first when she is ordered to kill a harmless avatar, then when Jacob is killed in battle, and finally when she is sent to wipe out the denizens of the Acorn Coffeehouse. When she refuses and the residents of the Coffeehouse easily beat back the horde of avatar hunters sent to finish Kandei's job, Kandei must find a way to overthrow the Panel or she and her family will be destroyed.