Golden Screw-Nut Awards

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Golden Screw-Nut Awards were established in 2008 by Russian CDRR Headquarters community. Their goal is similar to that of the Plato Awards and Golden Acorn Awards, namely to award outstanding Russian-speaking and foreign Rangerphiles whose creations and activity in general helped Russian-speaking Fandom to appear, persist and become what it is today, and to encourage them to carry on their work dedicated to the Rescue Rangers.

It can be viewed as another section of the bridge between Russian- and English-speaking communities and a continuation of a trend started by those like Aivars Liepa who translated many Russian stories into English to enable the Rangerphiles of the world to enjoy them, and by Golden Acorn Awards with at first their International Section and later, since 2006, with special categories for Best Verse (Russian) and Best Story (Russian). Just like the GAA's, Golden Screw-Nut Awards are given in Artwork, Written Works and Special Awards sections, as well as Best Stuff Made With One's Own Hands. They are aimed mostly at Rangerphiles from the former USSR, with separate categories for Best Foreign Artist, Best Foreign Writer, Best Picture by Foreign Artist and Best Fanfic by Foreign Author.

The ceremony is also written in form of pre-written fanfic (though not in script but in story format) which is posted piece by piece on the CDRRHQ Forum Board.

Annual awards: