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Gadget's Glove Suit was invented to allow for underwater missions. It was also used as a space suit.

Canonical Information


Gadget using the Glove Suit as a space suit

The Glove Suit is made from a glove topped with a small jar for a helmet; each finger of the glove has room for one limb or tail. A hose of air can be run from a surface craft to the glove and weights worn on the feet for walking on the surface. A tank of compressed air can be worn on the back for propulsion in outer space.


The first appearance of the Glove Suit is in The Luck Stops Here.

The Glove Suit was used as a space suit in Out to Launch.

(I know there are more uses of the Glove Suit than that, but I can't think of them right now. Anyone care to fill this out some more?)