Gertrude Phelps

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Gertrude Phelps

Gertrude Phelps is a fictional character created by Loneheart for use in his fan fiction Gadget in Chains.


Gertrude Phelps is a plain but neat mouse lady who wears a frilly shirt, beads and a sombre business suit.


Gertrude is conscientious, hard working and honest. She has a liberal attitude towards most things and cares for those under her authority. She enjoys the respect and trappings that go with being an authority figure.


Gertrude Phelps was the warden of Shrankshaw prison, where Gadget Hackwrench was sent after a case of mistaken identity. Although well meaning she was mostly ineffectual. She was in conflict with Margo Haggs, who she distrusted and eventually helped expose. She relied heavily on Marion Cedar, her deputy and had a crush on Chip.

Appeared In

Gadget in Chains by Loneheart

The Cast of Gadget in Chains take the Mary Sue Litmus Test by Loneheart