Garbage Can Spacecraft

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The Garbage Can Spacecraft is probably Gadget's most impossible feat of engineering yet. It is exactly what it its name claims: a working spacecraft built primarily from a garbage can. Furthermore, Gadget built this under adverse conditions. She had to work from a nearby junkyard instead of her workshop, and her time was limited by the need to rescue Chip and Dale, who were trapped in outer space.

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Garbage Can Spacecraft during construction

The Garbage Can Spacecraft appears to have three portions; the bottom is a garbage can with fins. This is where Gadget put the launch propulsion system (dynamite) and the landing gear (parachute and rubber raft). The garbage can portion seems to be abandoned or destroyed in liftoff. Gadget said that the propulsion system would require five sticks, but Monty decided to use twenty (and removed the landing gear to make room for more dynamite). The dynamite is ignited by touching together wires connected to two batteries in the cockpit.

The midsection, made of a metal cylinder with a porthole, holds the cockpit and controls. This metal cylinder is not the garbage can. See screengrab. It also has four fire extinguishers mounted on the exterior, two pointing forward and two backward, to provide thrust and maneuvering while in space.

The upper section is composed of a plunger-festooned lid and apparently a small portion of the cylinder that makes the midsection; this third section is the spacecraft's airlock. The airlock is divided from the cockpit by a door derived from a sardine can, and the lid opens to allow someone in the airlock to exit into space.

Gadget controls the craft by pulling on weighted ropes; these activate the fire extinguishers. There are also what appears to be at least two control panels; what other systems the craft may have that require these control panels is unknown.


The Garbage Can spacecraft appears only in Out to Launch. Its name is fan-given.

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