Gadget Goes Hawaiian

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Lawhinie forces Gadget to finish the surfing trial

Writing Credits: Julia J. Roberts

First Aired: First aired in the US on December 21, 1989

Title Reference: Play on the movie title Gidget Goes Hawaiian (see also Trivia).

Episode Number: 46

Season: 2

Production Number: 40


The Rescue Rangers spend their vacation on the Hawaiian Islands where they escape from a giant squid rather by mere luck than by skills. This demonstrates a problem of Gadget's—she comes up with too many solutions for one situation, and she fails at choosing one of them before it is too late. So she can't help with deciding whether to spend the rest of the day on the beach or with sight-seeing.

Not quite far away, a mouse village is located underneath an artificial volcano, a tourist attraction installed by a nearby hotel. Said volcano doesn't work as desired. But the reason is not a short-circuit as supposed by a mechanic, it is a gas valve which happens to be inside the hut of Lahwhinie, one of the villagers who uses her control over the volcano to pretend that she has good contacts to the Hoo-Hoo volcano gods and to demand being crowned queen. However, although she has these "special abilities", Hubba Hubba, chief of the village, says that she still has to go through the three tests each queen to be has to take:

  • Cross the Lobster Tank of Terror (under water, that is)
  • Pass over the Coals of Catastrophe (on a tightrope, that is)
  • Ride the Waves of Doom (in between sharks, that is)
  • And survive them all to be alive when the next morning comes.

These tests are not only potentially lethal, they have actually always been lethal so far which is the reason why the village has never had a queen before. But a meeting with her boyfriend Shaka Baka, the cliché of a surfer mouse, gives her the idea. She doesn't really have to take these tests. All she needs now is a plan how to steer clear from that danger.

This plan is easily found when she encounters Gadget who is testing her cork float shoes on a small basin. Not only do both Gadget and Lahwhinie notice that they look almost the same, like sisters as Gadget remarks, but Gadget's inventiveness impresses Lahwhinie who then convinces her to take the tests instead of herself. As Gadget loves to help where she can, convincing her is rather easy.

So Gadget takes Lahwhinie's place and the three tests, and Lahwhinie takes Gadget's place with her friends. Chip and Dale hardly notice that something seems wrong with "Gadget", probably because their minds don't work as desired after receiving passionate kisses from Lahwhinie. Monterey Jack, however, cannot ignore that "Gadget" behaves differently and forgets her friends' names, the make-up bag which she doesn't even own, and the names of her tools. Meanwhile, Gadget manages to survive the Lobster Tank of Terror by filling up a human sock with compressed air and riding out of the water on it after the lobster tears the rear end of the sock open. All attempts at telling the villagers that she is not Lahwhinie fail, even when she stands on the tightrope above a pit filled with red hot coal, taking the second test. As if things hadn't gotten bad enough, the rope snaps, and Gadget has to use the hot dog tongs which helped her balance as a pair of stilts. She manages to cross the pit, but on the opposite side she loses her balance and falls headlong into marshmallows—right behind the marshmallow-eating Rangers who do notice it, but who don't recognize their teammate. Though Chip says that "whoever that is may be hurt", Lahwhinie (still playing Gadget) shoves him and the other Rangers away and finally makes him float in the air with a second kiss, mostly to hide herself behind him as the villagers carry Gadget past the Rangers.

Lahwhinie then leads the Rangers to the artificial volcano in which she pretends to have lost her tools. And it is not accidentally at all that she drops the rope down the volcano, so Chip, Dale and Monty can't get out anymore and will most likely be fried by the gas burning device which is installed halfway up to the crater in case Lahwhinie opens the gas valve in her hut. Zipper flies up to the crater to give her back the end of the rope, but she just stuffs him into a small backpack, drops the rope again, and heads off to the shore where Gadget refuses to take the third test. Both are glad to see each other—Gadget, because she can ask Lahwhinie to go on with the test, and Lahwhinie, because she can blackmail her look-alike into doing the test. After all, she holds the Rangers captive, and she has Zipper as a proof. While riding the waves in which at least one shark can be found, Gadget not only proves that she can surf, but also drafts some plans about how to rescue her friends and disarm the volcano. However, she has to interrupt her planning when a mouse child sitting next to the real Lahwhinie and watching the false one is washed away by a wave and cries for help. Gadget swiftly turns around and even rides down a vertical wall of water to rescue that little mouse before he gets caught by a shark. This would have spoiled the test if she didn't catch yet another wave back to the shore and reaches it the moment her time runs out.

Hubba Hubba is about to take her to the coronation ceremony when Lahwhinie shows up again. This may seem stupid as it becomes clear now that she hasn't taken the tests, but she says that all she had to do was stay alive until the next morning, that she did exactly that, and that the volcano gods will get really angry if she is not crowned. Both blond mousettes run off now—Lahwhinie to turn up the volcano, she's breaking off the handle doing this, and Gadget to achieve the opposite somehow with Shaka Baka's help. Now it's not only rescuing her friends, but also rescuing the whole village from whatever the volcano shall blow out of its crater. Using Shaka's surf board, she jams the gas pipe, cracks the volcano's fiberglass shell, allowing her friends to escape, and buys some time to complete her (single!) plan. But when Lahwhinie is angry, so are the gods, and she uses a pipe wrench which she has stolen from the "volcano mechanic" before to turn up the valve to full power. The jam is cleared, masses of gas shoot into the volcano—and marshmallows (which Gadget has stuffed into the cooker) shoot out of the crater and into the sky. The hotel guests believe it's part of the show, but it ruins Lahwhinie's crowning as she gets hit by a whole lot of marshmallows, making her look like Gadget after the Coals of Catastrophe test.


The Rescue Rangers


Shaka Baka

Hubba Hubba


The ACME Majestic Ultra-light All-Weather Fiberglass Volcano

The Cork Float Shoes


Monty: "Nice idea, Gadget luv."

Gadget: "Thanks, Monty! Which one?"

Monty: "The one you're gonna come up with next!"

Hotel owner: "What's wrong? Why won't my incredible, expensive, ACME Majestic Ultra-light All-Weather Fiberglass Volcano erupt on cue?"

Hubba Hubba: "Tomorrow we get new queen! Or extra hut."

Gadget: "Gosh! You look just like me!"

Lahwhinie: "Just like sisters!"

Shaka Baka: "Not my board!"

Gadget: "It's the only way to save the village and my friends!"

Shaka Baka: "But I just had it polished!"


Deborah Walley was the main actress in the movie Gidget Goes Hawaiian, and she was Lahwhinie's voice actress.

As she doesn't remember Chip's name, Lahwhinie calls him "Chop", "Chirp", and "Chap".

Chip remarks towards Lahwhinie that she (Gadget) doesn't wear make-up. However, Lahwhinie does wear make-up at that moment.

The near-kiss scene at the end of the episode where both Chip and Dale try to kiss Gadget on her cheeks but Gadget dodges and runs away so the chipmunks kiss each other is probably one of the most frequently discussed scenes in the whole series. It is often used by Antis to prove their point.

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