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Gadget's mother is a concept of a character picked up by many fan fiction writers. Unlike Gadget's father Geegaw Hackwrench who is mentioned and shown in a picture in To the Rescue (Part 3), her mother remains unmentioned and a complete mystery as far as the show is concerned.

This page collects the characters who are or were Gadget's mother in different universes.

See also Gadget's family.

Warning: The following section contains unblanked, unhidden spoilers.
Read at your own risk, or if you want to avoid information being given away, skip this section.

Sarah Hackwrench

Sarah Hackwrench was Gadget's mother in the Nowakverse.

Under The Bridge gives little description about her; what is known from this story is that Sarah died when she gave birth to her and Geegaw's four children, Gadget, Widget, and two boys who didn't live long after their birth either.

Terica Noteworth

Terica Noteworth was Gadget's mother in the Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers series.

Terica is described as having been a wonderful mousette, and even though Gadget never met her, she misses her. She used to play a number of musical instruments. Terica passed away a few hours after Gadget was born. All that's left of her to Gadget is a heart-shaped locket she wanted her to have.

Stephanie Wheatfield Hackwrench

Stephanie Wheatfield Hackwrench is Gadget and LaWahini's mother in the Midnightverse. Lost And Found in particular gives her a detailed backstory.


Unlike Gadget's mother in many other Rangerverses, Stephanie is well alive. Her absence is explained by a troubled backstory.

In 1968, 20 years before the events of To the Rescue (Part 3), the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) performed an experiment on 20 rats and 11 mice. The injections given to him both increased their intelligence and dramatically slowed down their aging. Their new abilities enabled them to escape from NIMH. The scientists involved in this experiment found out what happened and decided to continue the same experiment the following year with only one subject which would not have any similarly intelligent help, and again, they caught a wild mouse, Stephanie Wheatfield, instead of using a lab mouse.

One of the Mice of NIMH believed dead, Vincent van Thomas, returned to NIMH when he saw Stephanie. He wanted to mass-produce the injection serum and give it away for free, and he needed Stephanie to reverse-engineer it, he also wanted her to hook up with him. However, when Geegaw Hackwrench saw her locked away in the laboratory, he freed her and took her with him. Van Thomas decided to follow them.

It wasn't before 1970 when Stephanie had just given birth to two little girls a few days ago that he found her and Geegaw. They escaped from him, misled him successfully for a while, and when they arrived in New York City, they decided that splitting for a while would be the best for their family. Hence, Gadget never got to know her mother as a kid. Geegaw and Gadget stayed in New York while Stephanie took LaWahini with her to Hawaii where they spent five years before Van Thomas found them there. Once again, Stephanie had to run, but at the same time, a tropical storm struck the islands, and the ensuing chaos kept her from taking LaWahini with her.

Stephanie spent almost two decades on the run from Van Thomas all over the USA. As she could never stay in one place for long, she lost contact with Geegaw. By 1988, she asked the Rescue Aid Society for help. Geegaw had meanwhile made contact with the RAS, too, because he was concerned about the well-being of his wife and wanted them to find her. They managed to arrange a rendez-vous on the isle of Zanzibar, hoping that Van Thomas (who wasn't unknown to the RAS either) would not be able to track them down there. They even had Geegaw stage his own death to keep the required level of secrecy. The rendez-vous failed, though, and Geegaw took the chance of being officially proclaimed dead to go and search for his wife himself.

It was another 18 years later when he finally found her. Van Thomas had managed to recapture her and taken her back to NIMH. He flew back to New York City to tell Gadget that he had been alive all the time and ask her for her help to free his wife. What he got instead was the assistance of the Rescue Rangers, and the team of six got Stephanie back out of the laboratory.


Stephanie Wheatfield Hackwrench looks quite similar to her daughters, Gadget and LaWahini. They all have long blond hair and blue eyes, and they all look a lot younger than they actually are. Stephanie keeps her hair tied up in a ponytail, though. She usually wears a white blouse and a pair of blue pants. During her second stay at NIMH, Van Thomas gave her a lab coat.

Gadget's nameless mother in Of Mice and Mayhem

Gadget's life flashback scene in Of Mice and Mayhem includes an imaginary encounter with her late mother.

While we never find out her name, nor when and how she died (she is actually only presumed, but never mentioned to be dead), we see what she used to look like. She had long black hair tied up in a ponytail on the back and with one little braid on each side. Her preferred clothes were a white T-shirt and a long dress not quite unlike the overalls Gadget wore as a kid.

Gadget remembers her, her looks, her voice, her personality, and certain scenes with her, so she lived at least a few years into Gadget's childhood.