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[[Category:Recurring characters]]
[[Category:Recurring characters]]

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Fat Cat

Fat Cat is one of the main villains in the show. He's the leader of a gang consisting of Mepps, Mole, Wart and Snout.

Canonical Information


He is very big grey tabby and wears a purple suit with a red tie. On his head he has a few strokes of black hair combed sideways. He has also got a mustache. All in all, he looks rather elegant... at least for a fat cat.


He is very dramatic and a ruthless leader who prefers his goons to do the hard work, even though they are pretty incompetent. He's a "collector" of valuables and hates nothing more than dogs.


Aside from being the owner of a well known casino (located at the top of the Happy Tom cat food factory) he is also a criminal mastermind and the arch nemesis of the Rescue Rangers.


Fat Cat appears in the following episodes:

Adventures in Squirrelsitting

Flash the Wonder Dog

Parental Discretion Retired

A Lad in a Lamp

Battle of the Bulge

Ghost of a Chance

Last Train to Cashville


To the Rescue (Parts 1 to 5)


Shell Shocked

When You Fish Upon a Star

A Lean on the Property

Gorilla My Dreams

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