Fat Cat's Henchmen

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Fat Cat is an established gang leader, and he employs other animals in his crime empire. He has a small inner circle of four henchmen, who serve as his bodyguards and perform direct criminal acts at his command. He also employs staff at his casino, at least occasionally, and will sometimes hire consultants for special jobs. Most of this contract work happens in comics and other continuities outside the main cartoon. When fans discuss "Fat Cat's henchmen," they usually mean the core gang of four.

Core gang

Fat Cat's four major henchmen - they could be called his generals if they were smart enough to be given any real responsibility - are Mepps the cat, Wart the lizard, Mole the mole, and Snout the rat. Sometimes all four henchmen are on assignment, but often either Snout or Mepps are absent; it is unusual to see both of them in the same episode. Mepps appears in the bulk of the "mid-range" episodes, but Snout is not a late development or a replacement for him. As early as Adventures in Squirrelsitting, they are both present - in fact, they talk with each other in this episode.

Casino workers and other staff

Bruno the bouncer

Morty and the rat, security

Contractors in the cartoon

The Jamaican Fruit Bats

Juice Lee

Contractors in fanwork

All right, all you wonderful authors, let us have it! ;)

Contractors in off-canon Disney productions

CDRR Comic

Felina the cat burglar and pickpocket in Secret Casebook

A gang of cats organized by Mepps at Fat Cat's order in the King of Beasts story arc of CDRR Comic. Fat Cat chose cats as a natural enemy to the rival raven gang, the Sky Punks.

Binky the parakeet in CDRR Comic, leader of a bird gang who pickpocketed for Fat Cat

Jojo the cobra in CDRR Comic, hired to hypnotize robbery victims

Disney Adventures

Biff and Daff the cats in Disney Adventures comics, street cats who tried to collect a reward on Dale's head offered by Fat Cat

Other universes

Hati Marie the spy in the read-along audiobook Rootin Tootin Rangers

Sewer Al