Fake Me to Your Leader

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Gadget examines an enlarged Zipper

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Title reference: A play on "take me to your leader," a cliche in science fiction.

Episode Number: 24


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The story opens with Gadget putting the finishing touches on her newest invention the Ranger Rocket. With Zipper as her helper she wants to wait till the others get back to help her. However Zipper tries to do the task instead. He is unable to do the task however due to his small strength to get the launching rubber band in place and ends up accidentally launching the rocket. It crashes on Monty.

Dejected, Zipper tries to work out and get stronger but every time he tries another way to get stronger due to his small strength he usually just gets tangled up in or fails at what he is trying to do. Monty tries to build his confidence with fake barbells made out of a pencil and some painted balloons. Zipper grabs it enthusiastically and gets thrown out the window with the fake barbells which pop on the ground. He feels betrayed and leaves by riding a car getting towed to the dump.

At the dump Professor Nimnul is trying out his new invention the GigantiRay. He finds pill bugs and comes back with his ray gun of sorts and shoots them and Zipper. They all seem blinded and Zipper flies away.

He comes back to the Rescue Rangers and Monty fixes his special Water melon rind meal to help Zipper grow strong. The next day it seems to have worked as Zipper shows off his new size and strength by helping lift the repaired Ranger Rocket up to Gadget's workshop. They are all impressed by Zipper's new strength and size.

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Latter Gadget tries to discover the reason behind Zipper's new size and concludes it is due to rapid growth.

Nimnul's plan is to take the newly large pill bugs and pass them off as aliens. He will then have them request gold for fuel for their space ship. However the Rescue Rangers thwart his plan and end up shrinking Zipper in the end and point to the fact that he's just the right size.


The Rescue Rangers


Gadget's Ranger Rocket

Professor Nimnul's GigantiRay

Ranger Plane


Gadget: "The reason Zipper has gotten so big is because he's growing very fast"

Dale: "Yeah that alien sounded awful familiar."

Gadget: "And he's wearing a tail fin from a '59 Studebaker."

Chip: "This flying saucer is made out of rubber. Do you know what that means?"

Dale: "Ahh it's dishwasher safe?"

Professor Nimnul: "The advantage of being a genius is that you think of everything. (Gets caught by Zipper) Well almost everything."


While riding the large version of Zipper Dale parodies a popular airline commercial for Western Airlines saying "Its the ooonly way to fly."