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[[Pastor Chester 'Beefy' Lewis]]

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Writing credits: Indy & Chris Silva

Written: 2001

First released: March 18th, 2001

Title reference: Reference to the important milestone in the life of Rescue Rangers and Chip and Dale in particular

Continuity: Third story in The Untold Ranger Tales series, preceded by Living the Dream and followed by Little Dreamer, Big Dreams

Length: 104,144 words (the complete work); 11 chapters + epilogue

Rating: Dr. Indy rates this story PG "for suggestive content." [1]


It's almost three weeks from the prom event, and the preparations for Dale's and Gadget's wedding are underway. Everything seems to proceed as planned, but one small inconsistency found out almost by accident leads Rescue Rangers on the path of mystery buried deep in the past, but capable of drastically changing their present and future.

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers





Shaka Baka

Chief Hubba Hubba

Geegaw Hackwrench (mentioned)

Cheddarhead Charlie

Camembert Kate

Canonical (The Rescuers)




Duncan Oakmont

Anne Oakmont

Dr. Batorious

Dr. Mavel

Laura Hackwrench (mentioned)

Eva Raboga



Pastor Chester 'Beefy' Lewis


The Ranger Wing

The Ranger Plane


Name of Geegaw's wife in this novel is "Laura", while in the previous installment her name is "Sarah". According to Dr. Indy, the case of this inconsistency is dissention he and Chris Silva had when writing the series. Chris wanted to name Gadget's mother "Sarah" to coincide with other Ranger stories, namely those by John Nowak, while Dr. Indy wanted her to have a different name so they wouldn't have such a connection. As a result, she got both names, albeit merely by accident.

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