Double O'Chipmunk

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Superspy Dale and sidekick Zipper, defeating "enemy agent" Chip

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Title reference: Reference to James Bond, agent 007 of MI6.

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Dale is caught up with Dirk Suave movies (a parody of the James Bond films) and seeks to play the part of the superspy. When Dale fails miserably on his own, the rest of the Rangers arrange a game for him so he can live out his fantasy. But when the Rangers get mixed up with a real spy, who aims to steal the plans for a top secret jet tank, Dale gets more than he bargained for. In the end, it's up to Dale to play the game for real, rescue the other Rangers, and defeat the real spy.


The Rescue Rangers


Louie and Moe

The Greatest Spy In The World

Professor Whitebread




The jet tank, the secret weapon that the evil spy is trying to steal, bears a few resemblances to the Soviet Firefox jet from the 1982 spy thriller Firefox. Both are controlled directly by thoughts from the pilot. This is somewhat similar to the parody of the movie Alien in the episode Dale Beside Himself.

This episode is a favorite among some Gadgetphiles, because it shows Gadget in her infamous red dress.