Does Pavlov Ring a Bell

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Gadget attempts to reprogram Buzz

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Title reference: In reference to the psychologist Pavlov and his experiments with conditioning of dogs to a bell.

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The Rescue Rangers

Norton Nimnul





Nimnul's Guinea Pig robot.

Gadget's Automatic Plunger Popper Prototype


Gadget: (Fixing the Rangermobile) One little adjustment and this will run with no problems!

Monty: (Yells and hides behind a box)

Gadget: What are you doing?

Monty: Sorry Gadget love, it's a reflex. Every time I hear no problems it usually means anything but. (As the propeller comes off and almost impales Monty and Zipper)

Gadget: Golly you work in a science lab?

Sparky: I do?

Gadget: Well you just said you did.

Sparky: Oh. That explains this voltage buildup.

Monty: Sounds like a short circuit between the ears to me.

Gadget: Push a button and it works with no problems.

Monty: Crikey she said 'no problems'.

Sparky: How about a little demonstration of maze running Buzzy old boy?

Buzz: Sure Sparky. Hey what about my motivators? I need them to run the maze.

Sparky: Why would you want to run the maze?

Gadget: Uh because you asked him to?

Sparky: I did? Well then he'll need his motivators!

Buzz: Never get in the way of a motivated guinea pig.

Sparky: Action without thought, the professor says thinking wastes time.

Gadget: I think you better turn it off now.

Sparky: Good idea! Unfortunetly the professor never taught us how to do that.

Sparky: Evil, don't be ridiculous. Nimnul's a scientist, a real genius. Why he told me so himself.

Monty: Crikey there's one guinea pig I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Course I wouldn't want to meet him in a sunny alley either.

Monty: No problem. Did I say that?

Chip: Look Sparky, I know you think we don't like you. But if Gadget likes you how bad can you be huh?

Sparky: Using science for evil purposes? Why I'll pulverize his robot into atomic particles.


Even though the title is a question, there's no question mark.

Observant pros will enjoy the scene where Chip has a picture of Gadget. Dale asks where he got it implying Dale doesn't have one and Chip responds "Where do you think" implicating he got it from Gadget herself.

Another pro argument is found at the end of the episode where in response to Chip stating it was okay if Gadget liked Sparky better than them she replied pointing to him and said, "...No one could replace you!"

Although this could just as easily be an anti argument as well as the dual hug she gives both Chip and Dale implies a shared response.