Does Pavlov Ring a Bell

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Gadget attempts to reprogram Buzz

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The Rescue Rangers

Norton Nimnul





Gadget: (Fixing the Ranger Mobile) One little adjustment and this will run with no problems!

Monty: (Yells and hides behind a box)

Gadget: What are you doing?

Monty: Sorry Gadget love, it's a reflex. Every time I hear no problems it usually means anything but. (As the propeller comes off and almost impales Monty and Zipper)

Gadget: Golly you work in a science lab?

Sparky: I do?

Gadget: Well you just said you did.

Sparky: Oh. That explains this voltage buildup.

Monty: Sounds like a short circuit between the ears to me.

Gadget: Push a button and it works with no problems.

Monty: Crikey she said 'no problems'.


Even though the title is a question, there's no question mark.