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[[Category:Character|Schadenfreude Dr.]]
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[[Category:Original characters|Schadenfreude Dr.]]

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Doctor Schadenfreude is a fictional character created by Loneheart for his fan fiction Gadget in Chains. The name comes from the German word schadenfreude, which means: "to take malicious delight in another person's downfall".


Doctor Schadenfreude is an anthropomorphic vampire bat. He wears a white coat with long slits for his wings instead of sleeves and glasses made from human contact lenses. He sometimes carries a very large briefcase and speaks with a German accent that may or may not be an affectation.


On first impression Doctor Schadenfreude appears to be slightly nuts, but is actually merely awkward and socially inept. Although highly intelligent and well trained, he tends to rely too much on the established procedures, rather than his own instincts and judgement. He has a tendency to make small, ill-judged jokes when nervous, which all together gives him the air of a classic comic relief character.


Doctor Schadenfreude is the psychiatrist at Shrankshaw Prison. When Gadget Hackwrench was wrongly convicted in a case of mistaken identity, Warden Gertrude Phelps thought she was delusional. Doctor Schadenfreude was called in and examined Gadget several times. Gadget convinced him that her cellmate, Bubbles McGee, was being mistreated by Margo Haggs. Schadenfreude took this information to the warden, thereby provoking Haggs to forge the doctor's name on instructions for Gadget to receive electro-shock therapy. Doctor Schadenfreude was subsequently suspended as a result.

Appeared In

Gadget in Chains by Loneheart

The Cast of Gadget in Chains Take the Mary Sue Litmus Test by Loneheart