Dirty Rotten Diapers

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Gadget and Dale, disguised as Raggedy Ann and Andy

Writing Credits: Dev Ross, Ken Koonce, and David Wiemers

First Aired: February 19, 1990

Title reference: Play on the movie title Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Episode Number: 51

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1238


The episode begins with all of the Rescue Rangers (except Gadget) much the worse for wear after their latest case. Gadget declares that the Rangers are becoming too violent, and must learn to be "kinder and gentler." Many of the Rangers (particularly Monty) are not very enthusiastic about this change. Chip, however, goes along with it (if only to impress Gadget.) The Rangers set out on several minor cases. While Monty's plans all involve charging in and dishing out some punishment, Chip comes up with several successful non-violent alternatives.

Finally the Rangers get their biggest test: a string of robberies of homes. The robberies all seem to follow a certain adoption agency (run by Monrovia and Pomona) and the Rangers investigate. Baby Thaddeus is put up for adoption one more time, and the Rangers stick around to watch over him. They follow the mischievous infant around as he gets into all sorts of trouble.

Then, the Rangers make a startling discovery. "Baby" Thaddeus is no baby...he's a pint-sized gangster using the adoption agency as a front to rob homes. After all the headaches Thaddeus causes for the Rangers, Gadget finally abandons her nonviolent stance (quite furiously) and the Rescue Rangers set about building a trap for Thaddeus in order to prevent him from looting the Hancock Estate. After dragging him violently through the whole house (using a rope attached to the Ranger Wing) Thaddeus and his accomplices, Monrovia and Pomona, finally surrender as the police arrive.


The Rescue Rangers

Baby Thaddeus




Ranger Wing


Gadget: Monterey, being a Rescue Ranger is more than just exciting, hair-raising narrow escapes and fights until the bitter end!

Monty: Since when?


  • Gadget uses the term "kinder, gentler Rangers" in this episode. This is a play on the Republican idea of a "kinder, gentler America" at the time. [1]
  • When the Rangers attempt to call the police and Sergeant Spinelli answers the phone, the desk he is sitting at has a name placard on it that says "Drake," referring of course to Detective Donald Drake.