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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: December 31, 2006

First released: December 31, 2006, at the Acorn Cafe. Re-releases on every New Year's Eve are planned.

Title reference: The title is a play on the original's title.

Continuity: BOC42's Rangerverse. Precedes Closer Than a Brother.

Length: 1,667 words

Rating: PG

A spontaneous inspiration on New Year's Eve led to the writing of this adaptation of a comedy theater sketch named Dinner for One which is cult especially on German TV. It was written within a few hours by modifying some transcripts of the original, thus it is kept in script form.

Dinner For One Mouse is exceptional among Midnight Man's written works. It contains no canonical characters and none of his own original characters either. The only two characters are borrowed from BOC42 as they fit perfectly into the roles.


A while before the events of Closer Than a Brother, the Russian actress Sophia Marskov is invited by a rodent theater in Germany to play an interpretation of a piece that is being aired on TV every year. There are only two roles, so Sophia talks her butler Jules Crissen into playing the other.

In this piece, an elder English mouse lady named Miss Sophia (the actress has changed the names of the characters) celebrates her 90th birthday, and as every year, she has invited her four best friends. However, she has survived these gentlemen by years, so her butler Jules has to take over their usual parts which leads to quite funny consequences as a lot of wine is involved. However, it's "the same procedure as every year."

Important Characters

Original, borrowed from BOC42

Sophia Marskov

Jules Crissen

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