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[[Category:Contraption (fanmade)]]
[[Category:Contraption (fanmade)]]

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The Darned Nearly Recoilless Rifle and ammunition
The Darned Nearly Recoilless Rifle is a single-mouse light anti-armor and anti-air weapon, designed to fire .22 rimfire cartridge. The fire team consists of a firer and loader, carrying a backpack with additional ammo.


Designed and built by Widget Hackwrench, the Darned Nearly Recoilless Rifle is a relatively simple design, consisting of a long tube, to which a firing mechanism is attached. When fired, the case exits the back of the rifle, cocking the firing pin. It is advisable to fire from crouching or prone position with suitable brace, for even though most of the recoil is absorbed by the case, it is still considerable enough for the operator to loose his balance.

Operational Service

The Darned Nearly Recoilless Rifle was used during several engagements, most noteworthy in the Battle of Casino, when three recoilless teams tried to stop The Exterminator.

Appeared in

Under The Bridge by John Nowak

Sovereign by John Nowak

Chimes of Fat Cat's by Jeff Wikstrom

Dance of the Dreams by Jeff Wikstrom