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[[Category:Recurring characters]]
[[Category:Recurring characters]]

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Dale is one of the five core members of the Rescue Rangers, alongside Chip, Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack and Zipper.

Canonical Information


Dale is a male chipmunk.

He wears a bright red-and-yellow Hawaiian shirt, which helps to establish his character. Although not as obvious as Chip, Dale's appearance could be an homage to Thomas Magnum of the series Magnum P.I.


Dale is a fun-loving character who sometimes has trouble staying focused on a single task - after all, there's a huge big universe out there, filled with all sorts of fun stuff!

He is playful to the point of appearing irresponsible; but when the fat is in the fire, he can often pull through, usually in an entirely unexpected direction.


Dale is Chip's best friend, and a completely random factor; his unorthodox methods of handling situations can sometimes result in his finding a solution that no-one else thought of.

He's also a fairly good fencer.

None of the Rescue Rangers has ever used as many alternative identities as Dale. Beside wearing a dress at two occasions (The S.S. DrainPipe, Adventures in Squirrelsitting), he was a superspy (Double O'Dale in Double O'Chipmunk), a TV superhero re-enactor (the Red Badger of Courage in The S.S. DrainPipe), a real superhero (Rubber Bando in It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!), and, unvoluntarily, a fearless guerilla fighter for a villain (RamDale in Le Purrfect Crime), among several other disguises.


Dale appeared in all episodes of the original TV show.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

Dale Oakmont

Dale's surname, "Oakmont", appeared for the first time in Michael Demcio's fan fiction Rhyme And Reason. It has been widely accepted by the fandom and used by many other fan fiction writers since then.