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DTZ is an alien shapeshifter from Fleeblebrox who arrived on earth with his other shipmates Bric and Brac for a vacation

Canonical Information


Dtz Normal Form

DTZ is an alien with an orange/yellowish appearance a light yellow belly, orange feet, with yellow sclera and black iris, he has reddish orange hair and is the only one of the three aliens to have hair and has fins on both sides of his head that double as Ear to make an Ear like Crest.

Often Dtz will randomly choose to show other appendages such as Arms and feets at his own will throughout the episode while he is in his alien form.

As Dtz is a shapeshifter he also took on multiple forms throughout the episode. Some of these forms included: A Rabbit (As seen in the opening), A Chair with Ear Crest still visible, Slime, A Spring with his Head Still Visible, A Dragon, and Dale.


Dtz in the show is presented as a laid back creature compared to his other shipmates who are seen as more serious and strict than Dtz. Throughout the episode it is hinted by both Bric and Brac that he is slightly less serious than them and is more prone to indulging into more leisurely pursuits. As such both do not hold Dtz to a high regard as a shipmate often calling him names and calling him out for his mistakes.

However, when Dtz switches places with Dale he contradicts this behavior and begins to do every single cleaning duty that he can think of or that is available to him. However this might be because he wanted the Rangers to accept him as well.


Dtz is a netural character in the episode Dale Beside Himself. When his shipmates decide to go back to their home planet. Dtz makes his desires known to his shipmates that he wants to stay on earth. However he is forced to leave by his shipmates. Dtz however escapes and heads back to earth where he meets Dale.

During his meet with Dale. Dale mentions to Dtz that he should become a Rescue Ranger. Enthusiastically Dtz agrees to this and takes on Dales form. Initially the two have a good relation with Dale enjoying the whole arrangement as it allowed him to get out of doing chores. However this back fires on Dale when Dtz sends him to space in order to take his place.

After arriving on the Mothership. Dale is mistaken for Dtz and thus flees the Mothership back to Earth where he confronts Dtz. After which Dtz's shipmates arrive back on earth to The Rangers astonishment. Both Bric and Brac confront the Rangers and demand that they return Dtz to them. Dtz still reluctant to leave is later tricked by Dale into transforming.

Afterwhich Dtz leaves with Bric and Brac back to Fleeblebrox.


Dtz appeared in a single episode, namely Dale Beside Himself.


Dtz as a Rabbit Refuses to Go
Dtz as a chair with Ears
Dtz as Gooey Slime
Dtz Transformed as a Spring
Dtz as a Dragon Spotting Dale