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Désirée D'Allure

Désirée D'Allure is a one-shot character seen in the episode Love is a Many Splintered Thing and the only canonical evidence of Monterey Jack's romantic entanglements.

Canonical Information


Désirée D'Allure stands about as tall as Monterey Jack, but with more of a svelte hourglass figure. She normally sports a hip-hugging skirt, magenta turtleneck, and fashionable beret. She speaks with a pouty French accent and wears a certain variety of perfume that drives Monty wild.


Désirée D'Allure is a rotten woman, through and through. She is conniving, vicious, and a backstabbing liar who uses men like old Kleenex. She is very independent, and even though she is in charge of a gang she has no loyalty to them, making no attempt to save them after they get trashed by the Rescue Rangers. How Monterey ever got engaged to her is a mystery, unless he's very oblivious or she changed into the conniving woman she is after he left her at the altar.


Désirée was the fiancée of Monterey Jack some years back before he hooked up with the Rescue Rangers. They met up one day in a shop in Paris where Monty was breaking up a gang that was trying to sell counterfeit cheesecakes, and for Monty it was love at first sight. Soon, they were engaged, but on the way to the chapel Monterey caught a whiff of his first love from a passing truck: cheese. Hours later, after Monty had devoured most of the truck's contents, he saw Désirée leaving on a cab with a weasel named Errol.

Years later, during the events of the episode, the paths of Désirée and Monty crossed again, this time with Désirée as part of a gang of thieves. She showed up at the Rescue Rangers Headquarters with a story that she was trying to leave the gang, but was being threatened into staying and needed the Rangers' help to foil the gang's plans. Monterey, of course, agreed immediately, but Chip had his suspicions about her motives. Chip was later proven to be correct, as Désirée used her feminine wiles to trick Monty into helping the gang, of which she was actually the leader, pull off another heist. She then imprisoned the other Rangers, and tied Monty to a lumber saw. Fortunately, with some quick thinking by Chip, Monty found the motivation to free himself and stop Désirée and her gang at the airport before she could escape to the tropics. She was last seen in a crate headed for Canada.


Désirée appears only in one episode, Love is a Many Splintered Thing.

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