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'''Title reference:'''
'''Title reference:'''
'''Part of series:''' ''Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers''. Sequel to ''[[Plots]]'' and followed by ''[[Swarm]]''.
'''Continuity:''' Third story in the ''Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers'' series. Preceded by ''[[Plots]]'', followed by ''[[Swarm]]''.
'''Length:''' 15,269 words (the complete work)
'''Length:''' 15,269 words (the complete work)

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Writing credits: Matt Plotecher

Written: 1999

First released:

Title reference:

Continuity: Third story in the Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers series. Preceded by Plots, followed by Swarm.

Length: 15,269 words (the complete work)

Rating: PG

Following Jeff Pierce's advice, Matt wrote this story to fill the gap between Plots and Swarm. It is one of the few fanfics to feature Cassandra, one of Matt's favorite characters.


A series of thefts in the carnival she is traveling with has the gypsy moth Cassandra call her friends, the Rescue Rangers, for help. But even after reducing the suspects to four, the mystery is far from solved.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers





Bam Boozle

Tommy Knocker

Chris Well




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