Chocolate Chips

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Gadget, Monty, and Zipper heft a scoop full of chocolate

Writing Credits: Dev Ross and Tad Stones

First Aired: October 25, 1989

Title reference: Reference to the baking ingredient and treat of the same name.

Episode Number: 38

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR1225


While on vacation in a South America jungle, the Rangers come upon a mystery. Cacao trees are disappearing overnight from the forest. That night, as Dale sneaks out to have a snack, he finds the rest of the Rangers and other jungle animals stealing the cacao trees while in a trance. Dale follows the trees (and animals) to a mountain and waterfall, while being chased by a swarm of mosquitoes. In the morning, Dale attempts to convince the other Rangers of what happened. While they do not believe him, they follow his trail and find a temple where Heinrich von Sugarbottom is making chocolate. His plan is to feed his mosquitoes a mind-control juice so the animals will continue to steal the cacao trees, ultimately letting him create the best chocolate in the world. The Rangers spill the mind control juice, but all except Dale are put back under mind-control. Eventually, Sugarbottom orders the other Rangers to attack Dale. Chip comes out of it, and the two free the others from mind-control. Sugarbottom gets angry with his mosquitoes, who turn on him. In the confusion, all the cooking chocolate is tipped over and causes a flood of chocolate out of the temple, ruining his plans. The mosquitoes apparently stung Sugarbottom as the episode ends with the jungle animals using the mind-controlled Sugarbottom to replace all the stolen trees.


The Rescue Rangers

Tito Manuel Hidalgo Jones

Heinrich von Sugarbottom



Xenon Camera Flash

Mini Fishing Rod


Gadget: I suppose my supercharged Xenon flash is a bit bright

Monty: No, the sun is bright, that thing is downright blinding!

Gadget: Golly, could Dale be right after all?


  • In this episode, Dale shows that he has a chocolate reaction much like Monty's Cheese Attacks, though apparently less intense.
  • The cartoon effect of something able to hold far larger volume than it appears is used to great effect in this episode. For example, Dale apparently stuffed an amount of candy approximating his own body weight into his shirt. Also, the chocolate vats at the end somehow held enough chocolate to flood out the entire room.