Chipwrecked Shipmunks

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Dale, Monty, and Zipper look at Gadget's homemade radio

Writing Credits: Kevin Hopps

First Aired: October 23, 1989

Title reference: A spoonerism of the plot-summarizing phrase "shipwrecked chipmunks."

Episode Number: 49

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1223


The Rangers are out on the ocean testing the new Ranger Boat. The boat crashes (due to Gadget not paying attention) and the Rangers are washed up on a desert island. After three weeks of waiting for possible rescue, the Rangers decide to build a new boat. While Chip, Gadget, & Zipper work hard on the boat, Dale and Monty explore the island (supposedly searching for supplies). Dale and Monty discover a treasure, which they try to keep for themselves. The Pi-rats eventually show up, looking for a treasure. They take a long, convoluted way to find the treasure while Dale & Monty go straight to it and attempt to remove as much of the treasure as they can. The pair even sabotage the boat the rest of the Rangers just finished. The Pi-rats discover that Dale & Monty were after the treasure & suspect all of them. Chip, Gadget, & Zipper are made prisoners of the Pi-rats while Dale & Monty fight over the treasure. Dale & Monty are able to rescue the others, and they all race to the treasure. Everyone reaches the cave just in time to be safe from the hurricane. The Pi-rats then help the Rangers by sharing some of their treasure for a temporary boat.


The Rescue Rangers

The Pi-rats


Ranger Boat

Crystal Powered Radio


Gadget: Time to check the turning radius.

Monty: (on discovering the treasure) Cheese souffles, cheese cakes, cheese a la cheese, cheese dips, cheese burgers, cheese sauce, cheese!


  • Chip is the only Ranger who has tattered clothing after their three weeks on the island. Dale's shirt appears fine, and he has even gained a hat.
  • Within those three weeks, the Rangers are able to construct a tree house with at least: a deck, one chest of drawers, a mirror, and a crystal powered radio.