Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (Video Game)

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This is the second of two games Capcom made for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Just like in the first game, you can play as Chip or Dale to jump and run through many levels, avoid enemies and throw crates at them.

There are some improvements from the prequel, like better graphics and tougher bosses. Also, the Rangers now can throw crates diagonally. On the other hand, it's not possible anymore to select the level you want to play (although occasionally the game tries to trick the player into believing that he has a choice).

When two people play simultaneously, Chip and Dale can pick up and throw each other, as in the first game. However, one player can now also throw the other as a projectile weapon. This "power throw" can also be performed with crates and is achieved by running consistently for a few seconds while holding the object (running back and forth also works.) Players can unlock secret minigames by throwing each other into otherwise inaccessible areas. The thrown character steps on a button to unlock the game.

The other Rangers still have very minor roles, though they differ a bit from the previous game. Gadget appears exclusively in cutscenes and is otherwise pretty useless. Well, to tell the truth, she's also pretty useless in the cutscenes. Monty replenishes the chipmunks' health from time to time and Zipper helps the Rangers progress in a single level.

In the English version of the game, characterization of the Rangers is often off, or their speaking styles and catchphrases are swapped between characters, with unintentionally humorous effect.


Unlike the prequel, this time the game has a real storyline that is told in cutscenes, although the plot is as creative as it is nonsensical.

Fat Cat escapes from prison (it was never mentioned what he was doing in there) and creates a diversion for the Rangers yet again during which he plans to steal the urn of the pharaoh (again, no other explanation is given) because it's full of evil spirits which he wants to release for whatever reason. And it doesn't start to make sense from here.


  • In this game it seems that Fat Cat is genuinely scared of the Rangers. Not only does he hide from them half of the game, you don't even get to fight him at the end.