Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: The Adventure in Nimnul's Castle

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The Adventure in Nimnul's Castle is a CDRR videogame released in 1990, developed by Riedel Software Productions, Inc. and published by Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc. for DOS. ([1])



The gameplay is divided into three sets of three levels, each set having a different environment. In each, Chip and Dale dodge pattern-based obstacles. Within each set, the pattern gets harder each level. The player controls Chip and Dale in the first three levels, and only Chip in the final six. The player has three attempts, represented by three Rescue Ranger insignias. There are no chances to obtain more lives.

Levels 1-3

Chip and Dale are outside of Norton Nimnul's Castle and attempt to reach the entrance. Nimnul's Robot Dogs patrol the grounds, and Nimnul himself is throwing green goo at the Rangers. Chip and Dale cross the screen by jumping into and out of holes in the ground. While in a hole, Nimnul's dogs cannot touch them, but Nimnul's goo can; while above ground, the oppposite.

Levels 4-6

Chip and Dale are on the steps up to Nimnul's front door. The player, controlling Chip, collects screws on Chip's step and drops them to Dale, who catches them and carries them offscreen. Two candles by Nimnul's door drop fireballs for Chip to dodge. Dale is being chased by one of Nimnul's robot dogs, but this is only eye candy and has no effect on gameplay; the dog can never catch Dale.

Levels 7-9

Chip and Dale are inside Nimnul's lair. Dale is being chased by a dog on the floor (once again, eye candy) while Chip climbs on a bar attached to the ceiling. The player, once again controlling Chip, collects screws and drops them to Dale while avoiding capture at the hands of Nimnul's static electricity machine from Catteries Not Included.


Close to non-existent. According to the one-screen exposition (see screenshots), Monterey Jack has been caught in a mousetrap while acquiring cheese and sends Zipper for help. Apparently, he is in Norton Nimnul's lair. Chip and Dale break into Nimnul's lair and collect screws, which Zipper takes to Gadget so she can repair their aircraft. Upon finishing all nine levels, Gadget completes the repairs and the Rangers rescue Monty.


  • The game coloring is inconsistent with the show and frequently with the game itself.
    • Gadget's fur is orange, and her hair extremely blond.
    • Zipper has a green shirt, except for the exposition page where he has a red shirt.
    • Monty wears a bright blue overcoat.
    • Chip's jacket has blue fur trimming on the title page.
    • Dale's shirt is bright purple on the title page, green in other cutscenes, and brown during gameplay.
  • The aircraft shown appears to be based on the Ranger Plane, yet is not the Ranger Wing--it lacks a balloon and suction-cup feet, has different wings, sports a ruler and what appears to be a telephone attached to the back, and uses several pencils.
  • Gadget refers to Monty as "Jack," the only time in the game a character mentions him by name.