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Chip 'n' Dale Online, or "CnD Online," is a forum concerning itself both with CDRR and the classic Chip 'n' Dale cartoons. It was created by Ducky, who still maintains it, and was launched on February 2, 2006. The forum's atmosphere is quite laid-back, large signatures are a rarity, and the topics discussed have a considerable range (arguably due to the inclusion of the classic Chip 'n' Dale cartoons).

The site itself beyond the forum serves as a resource concerned with the classic cartoons as well as the CDRR shows. There is also an ever-growing gallery of user-submitted images to peruse, a large selection of sound bytes and theme songs from the shows, and even a small selection of videos from both CDRR and the classic Chip 'n' Dale shows.

Before the upgrade to phpBB3 on December 6, 2007, one of Chip 'n' Dale Online's outstanding features was a built-in, categorized gallery, upon which registered members could upload and present their creations such as fan art and fan fiction. This function, as of spring 2008, has now been restored.



February 2: Site launched.


December 6: Forum upgraded to phpBB3.

Notable Members

Ducky (Administrator)

scifly (Global Moderator)

Regrin (Global Moderator)

Master MunkArt (Moderator)

Soda (Moderator)




Midnight Man












Like almost any internet forum, Chip 'n' Dale Online has a set of rules which you must adhere to. The following is taken from the official rule thread [1], as it stood at the 28th of March, 2008:

Keep things as clean as possible (this especially applies to fan art and fan fiction). I don't want to censor what can and cannot be shared, but I don't want to give Disney any legitimate reasons to send over a cease and desist letter, either.

Try to remain civil. A good heated debate is just fine, but flame wars that degrade into personal insults are not.

I do not want to see any bickering or quarreling between members on the public forums. If you have a problem with someone, you can take it up with them in private, or contact one of the moderators.

This is NOT a *chan, so I do not want to see any further chan-esque images or memes showing up in the public forums. Any posts or images made for the sole purpose of being "shocking" or offensive will be deleted.

From this point on, any bashing of the Acorn Cafe or its members will NOT be tolerated.

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