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The Chip 'n' Dale Code Splash


The Chip 'n' Dale Code is a system used to describe one's interests within the Chip 'n' Dale fandom, particularly in how it relates to themselves. The code itself is developed by Soda, and is kindly hosted by Ducky on the Chip 'n' Dale Online website.


4 Dec, 2008 - Work on the Chip 'n' Dale Code begins.

5 Dec, 2008 - Beta version made available for private testing to a few individuals.

10 Dec, 2008 - Beta version converted into PDF and HTML.

11 Dec, 2008 - JavaScript Generator completed.

12 Dec, 2008 - Bug fixes applied due to feedback.

20 Dec, 2008 - Final (1.0.0) version completed, but held back for further examination.

19 Jan, 2009 - Final (1.0.1) version made available for public usage.


CnD - The Chip 'n' Dale Brand - How much do you like and care about Chip 'n' Dale?

P - Series Preference - How do you feel about each Chip 'n' Dale show?

c - Classic Chip 'n' Dale
r - Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

E - Expression - How well, how often and how strongly you express your interest in Chip 'n' Dale by creative means?

a - Art
f - Fan Faction
m - Music
k - Wiki
w - Websites

A - Character Affinity - How much affinity or interest do you have towards each character?

M - Emulation and Imitation - How much do you emulate, or copy, your favourite Chip 'n' Dale character?

R - Romance and Relationships - How do you feel about particular Rescue Ranger relationships?

I - Items and Merchandise - How many Chip 'n' Dale items and how much Chip 'n' Dale merchandise do you have?

F - Fanon - How well do you accept fanon, and the general fan-constructed universe developed in fanfics?

V - Revival - Do you think that Chip 'n' Dale should (or could) be revived?

T - The Tests - How well did you score in your Rangerity and Gadgetism tests?

r - Rangerity
g - Gadgetism

D - The Forums - On the Internet, where do you go to discuss Chip 'n' Dale?

Z - Age and Sex - What is your sex, and how old are you?


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