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[[Category:Recurring characters]]
[[Category:Recurring characters]]

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Chip is one of the five core members of the Rescue Rangers, alongside Dale, Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack and Zipper.

Canonical Information


Chip is a male chipmunk.

He commonly wears a fedora and a flight jacket. This is considered to be a parody of Indiana Jones, and visually establishes his adventurous character.


Chip is a stubborn character, but his dedication to his task is unquestionable. He usually tries to act serious and responsible, often to the point of being humourless.

He spends his free time reading detective fiction, his favorite character being Sureluck Jones, whose name is thought to be a play on the names of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones.


Chip assumes the leadership role within the Rescue Rangers, somewhat by default. None of the other members, except Dale, have shown any aspirations towards supplanting Chip's position as leader.

In certain episodes, Chip's leadership is questioned by the other members of the team (usually by Dale). For example, in the episode Shell Shocked, Dale confronts on the grounds that he doesn't know how to have fun, even when they're on holiday. The dispute resulted in Dale being placed in charge of the team, but in the end, did not rise to the challenge.


Chip appeared in all episodes of the original TV show.

Other Appearances

Chip has also appeared in many comics... (More info needed...)

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

Chip Maplewood

Chip's surname, "Maplewood", appeared for the first time in Michael Demcio's fan fiction Rhyme And Reason. It has been widely accepted by the fandom and used by many other fan fiction writers since then.