Catteries Not Included

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Catteries Not Included
Screenshot from Catteries Not Included
Gadget repairs the Ranger Plane
Writing credits: Tad Stones, Bruce Talkington
First aired: March 5, 1989
Title reference: Play on "Batteries Not Included" and the use of cats as a source of electricity
Episode number: 2
Season: 1
Production order: 1
Production number: CDRR 1102
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The episode begins with the male Rescue Rangers perched on a ceiling fan, on the look out for new cases. When a little girl reports a missing cat, the police seem uninterested in offering more than fleeting aid. The Rangers decide this is a perfect case for them, and quickly make their way back to HQ to inform Gadget of their latest endeavour. Monty & Dale are duly sent to investigate with other cats in the area.

In the course of their investigation in Cat Alley, they find nothing but mice, and discover that more cats than they could ever imagine have also disappeared, at the hands (or should that be paws?) of mechanical dogs. Disguised as a cat, the pair encounters one of these robotic hounds, and are only saved from a fate akin to countless other cats by the Ranger Plane's intervention.

The Rangers' curiousity and tenacity eventually leads them to their first confrontation (in terms of pure 'date first aired' chronology) with Professor Norton Nimnul, who has an interesting use for the kidnapped kitties...


The Rescue Rangers



Norton Nimnul


The Ranger Plane

The Foldable Fishing Rod

The Catapults

The Trojan Cat

Nimnul's Robot Dogs

Nimnul's Cat Static Lightning Generator


Monty: Eh, no offense, Gadget luv, but are you sure you're finished?

Gadget: Sure I'm sure.

Monty: Not like the last time?

Gadget: Oh, Monty, how many times do you think the wings can fall off a plane?

Monty: I don't know—you tell me.

Monty: And do you know what cats eat?

Dale: Mice!

Monty: Too right! And don't think they wouldn't mind a bit of chipmunk for dessert either!

Dale: No, no, no. Mice!

Monty: I've had nightmares about being inside cats, but they were nothing like this!

Nimnul (inside a mechanical dog) : I wonder where my can opener is.


The plotline of Catteries is probably one of the oldest in the whole show by far. It has influenced some of the earlier concept art.

Mandy has a striking resemblance to Penny from The Rescuers, and Spunky looks like a mirrored and stripeless Oliver from Oliver & Company.

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