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i m teh loan woof k?


Part 1

The title character has childhood difficulty but develops a good palate for cheese. This leads to a preference for dark satire, comedy-drama, and foods that look and smell repulsive but taste good once you try them.

Part 2

Meets nice Jewish boy. They discuss mice.

Part 3

Title character and nice Jewish boy decide to marry to facilitate more detailed discussion of mice.

Part 4

Life is good. Everyone makes sushi, and Grimlock blasts an aghast Megatron into submission while stating with his usual directness, "You wrong! And you ugly, too."


Candy Goldstein as Kandei-chan

Paltiel Goldstein as Isajii

Hamsters as The Benevolent Dictators


" -'hot wheels' -lightspeed -lassie -'down under' -squirrels -'nes cheats' "

"Gadget drinks machine oil. There, I've said it."


"I need a quote. What's the funniest thing I've ever said - no no. What's the funniest clean thing I've ever said? Forget it."


Most of the title character's contributions to the Internet cannot be linked to from here without violating TOS.

Nintendo is over 100 years old and got its first big break when the Japanese mafia standardized on the company's playing cards for illicit gambling.

I'm naturally radioactive, and so are you.