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Bubbles McGee is a fictional character created by Loneheart for his fan fiction "Gadget in Chains".


Bubbles is a anthropomorphic female mouse. She is brunet with long hair, brown fur and is the same age and height as Gadget. She is only ever seen wearing a prison uniform.


Bubbles is a cynical, world-weary thief who takes a flexible but practical approach to rules and laws. She is also a stern yet caring single mother. She is compassionate to others when she feels they deserve and need sympathy and is brave but not heroic in dangerous situations. She submits to authority with good grace when prudent but will subvert it at the first opportunity.


Bubbles McGee unknowingly befriended Gadget Hackwrench when Gadget was wrongly convicted of fraud and deception in the fan fiction "Gadget in Chains". Believing Gadget was a delusional case who only thought she was Gadget Hackwrench, Bubbles gave Gadget the nickname "Red" and took her under her wing to protect her in jail.

Bubbles had been convicted for stealing from a human warehouse and had refused to reveal the whereabouts of her loot. This made her a target for the corrupt guard Margo Haggs, who in turn became an enemy of Gadget.

Bubbles agreed to try and kill Gadget for Haggs eventually, but this turned out to be a ruse.

Appeared In

"Gadget in Chains" by Loneheart.

"The Cast of Gadget in Chains take the Mary Sue Litmus Test" by Loneheart

Various Golden Acorn award ceremonies.