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[[Category:One-shot characters]]
[[Category:One-shot characters]]

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Bink is a one-shot character, appearing in the episode Adventures in Squirrelsitting only. She is Tammy's little sister.

Canonical Information



Bink is a squirrel kid of about three years. Her fur is remarkably lighter than her sister Tammy's, and while Tammy is a redhead, Bink's hair is blonde and curled up at the ends. She wears a petrol green dress.


As she is still very young, Bink doesn't talk quite much. She prefers acting, and when she does, it seems as if her energy would never expire. She sometimes gets too wild for her mother who asks the Rescue Rangers if they can have an eye on her daughters while she tidies up her place. And even the Rangers have a hard time handling her. She not only manages to wear both Dale's Hawaiian shirt and Monty's aviator cap, she also takes the Ranger Plane for a joyride.

But what might strike the most about her is her appetite. Bink is able to ingest four times her own weight in no time. It is not shown how, but she has a technique of emptying an entire apple from inside including the core within seconds, giving it the look of a deflated balloon—and even then, she is still hungry.

Bink's favorite Rangers are Monterey Jack and Dale.


Bink's world seems to consist mainly of three activities: eating (a lot), sleeping (she has to sleep every once in a while), and causing mischief. Her mother needs to have her out of the way to clean up the mess the Rangers made when they crashed into her place. So the Rangers take her and her sister Tammy to their Headquarters. While Chip and Gadget do a sightseeing tour through the Headquarters with Tammy, the other Rangers are kept busy by Bink. She impresses Monty with her appetite, and when she somehow discovers the Ranger Plane, it's up to Zipper to fly out and get her and the aircraft back.

Later in the episode, Tammy takes her with her to Fat Cat's Casino to get the Maltese Mouse. Even then, Bink manages to get the Rangers into trouble when she turns the machinery in the cat food factory below on again which Tammy has succeeded in turning off before.


Bink appears in one episode only: Adventures in Squirrelsitting.

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