Bearing Up Baby

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Bearing Up Baby
Screenshot from Bearing Up Baby
Dale and Gadget get ready for a nature hike
Writing credits: Dev Ross
First aired: May 14, 1989
Title reference: Reference to the movie title Bringing Up Baby
Episode number: 12
Season: 1
Production order: 10
Production number: CDRR 1112
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The Rangers take a vacation in the woods (though Monterey Jack keeps referring to it as “field training”). As the group prepares for a hike, Dale is picked up by Jeremy, a toddler in pajamas. After a confrontation with Jeremy’s parents, Dale runs off thinking there’s a “dangerous animal” in the woods (referring to himself). Jeremy follows as his parents argue. As the rest of the Rangers go on a hike, Jeremy finds Dale. Jeremy wanders away again and is found by a bear. The bear rescues Jeremy from a waterfall and semi-adopts him. Dale catches up and believes the bear is going to eat Jeremy. He bravely attacks the bear but only catapults himself to where the rest of the Rangers are hiking. The Rangers (and by this time, Jeremy’s parents) go searching for him. The Rangers find Jeremy and the bear and convince the bear to return Jeremy to his family. The bear returns Jeremy, but the humans then attempt to kill the bear. While the hunters chase the bear, Jeremy lets off the parking break of the RV and rolls toward a cliff. The Rangers & the bear save him, showing the humans his intentions were good.


The Rescue Rangers




Gas Masks


Jeremy: Big fuzzy! (to bear)

Monty: I got a plan I used while hunting a cockatiel revolutionary in Argentina. Just when he things we’re leaving, we wrestle…

Gadget: Don’t be silly Monty. I’ll just talk to him.

Monty: Bet she’s no fun at parties either

Mom (to Jeremy): You’ll be safe there. Just watch TV like a good boy.


  • Humphrey the Bear is the only other character from the Donald Duck cartoons apart from Chip and Dale who made it into CDRR. He got a cameo in Goof Troop as well.
  • There are lots of classic cartoon gags in this episode, particularly in the scenes where the hunters chase the bear.